How APS® Works

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Zerran APS® is the simple way to maximize hair health and integrity during chemical services. Its easy to use, and a great way to take your services to the next level. With APS®, you can:

  • Protect and strengthen each strand
  • Equalize porosity for even results
  • Get faster lift, richer, longer-lasting color or curls
  • Seal your work and realign the cuticle
  • Stop the oxidation process with incredible accuracy
  • Maintain maximum hair integrity between salon visits

All this with 100% vegan proteins.
No sulfates, silicones, parabens or methylisothiazolinone


APS® Bond Amplifier No.1

This multitasking formula contains ultra-refined vegan proteins, conditioners, gentle process
accelerators, and color mordants (fixatives), which work together during your chemical

  • Vegan proteins infuse and protect each strand from overprocessing, while equalizing porosity
    over the length.
  • Vegan proteins also condition and strengthen the hair, filling cuticle deficits and increasing
    tensile strength.
  • Process accelerators enhance the rate of deposit of color, bleach, perm solution and other
    chemicals into the hair shaft, making for richer color, faster and more even lift, perm and
  • Color mordants cause pigment molecules to expand in the hair, anchoring them more
    firmly for fixation and fade resistance.


APS® Bond Completion No.2

For the duration of your chemical service, the hair has been a high-pH environment,
and the cuticle opened to allow you to make your artistic changes. APS® Bond Completion No. 2
contains ultra-refined vegan proteins, conditioners, strengtheners and process neutralizers to
give you pinpoint control over your chemical services.

  • Vegan proteins infuse each strand to maximize strength and shine.
  • Conditioners soften the feel of processed hair and maintain styling integrity.
  • Process neutralizers return hair to normal pH, realigning and gently closing the cuticle to
    seal in your artistry. Process neutralizers also call a final halt to any further oxidation and
    virtually eliminate perm odor.


APS® Hair Redemption No.3

This take-home product is a high-powered vegan protein reconstruction treatment to
maximize hair integrity between salon visits. Environmental , chemical, UV, mechanical and
thermal damage to the hair all get targeted for reconstruction.

  • Ultra-refined vegan proteins seek out areas of weakness in each strand for repair and
  • These proteins can be used with or without heat, without fear of brittleness no matter how
    often you treat.
  • Soothing botanical extracts enhance shine and softness during repair for maximal hair

APS® Lift Precision No.4

The product delivers maximum creative control for all your lightening services.

  • Creates the perfect application texture for balayage, hair painting and more.
  • Equalizes porosity for gorgeously even results.
  • Won’t dilute or weaken your lightener mix.
  • Non-drying formula keeps your mix hydrated without runniness.
  • Strengthens strands during lightening with 100% Vegan proteins.
  • Easy to use gel formula.


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