Stylists Are Talking

Zerran APS  outperforms the competition in the lab and in the salon. 

Here’s what stylists have to say about APS:

  • “So I personally have used both products and I like both, but with that being said it is my professional opinion that Zerran lifts the hair quicker and leaves the hair in better shape even weeks after the chemical process.  Plus it smells better  and is all Vegan!  My hair was bright pink and blue and thanks to Zerran is a very light blonde and not broken off after multiple bleaching in one day.” – L.S., Stylist
  • “It’s been giving me great results! It also really speeds up my color process time.  I did my hair lavender recently and I can’t BELIEVE how long it’s held on to the color!” – G.B., Stylist
  • • “Much faster lifting, and no breakage!”
    • “I love that I don’t have to change my developer level.”
    • “Its so easy to use!”
    • “The hair feels so much better, even after bleach.”
    • “Thank goodness they solved the dilution problem.”
    • “My clients are happy because their color isn’t fading.”
    • “I used the other stuff, but its too expensive. I’m switching!”


G: Bleach only
H: Zerran APS added according to directions.
I: Competitive product added according to directions.

Level 3 hair swatches with 10% grey, Emmediciotto Blue
Bleach with 30V developer in foil 60 minutes with low

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